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Yokoso Setonaikai! Welcome to the Seto Inland Sea!
The gentle breeze, shining sun and 'Setonaikai' which looks like someone spread out all the small islands in the ocean is the most attractive amusement park in the world. In the field of history, culture, sightseeing and marine leisure, they will attract you for sure.
Anchorage Network Tatsuki Seno

We introduce many enjoyable places around the Seto Inland Sea. My personal recommendation is Shiraishi Island. Yes, that is my island and I hope many visitors will come and taste its' attractiveness. Welcome to the Seto Inland Sea!
NPO Holistic Life Okayama Shigeru Harada

The Seto Inland Sea certainly is one of the most beautiful and diverse areas of Japan. Since I moved to Japan 19 years ago, I never lived far from it. I hope this homepage will help everybody to enjoy this area and discover that Japan really is an island nation, each island being different and special.
Carolin Funck

"Even if an island next-door looks very close, it is such a different world."
The attraction about the Seto Inland Sea is that there are uncountable islands dotted around. All the islands in the Seto Inland Sea have different characters just as people have different faces and personalities. The islands are located very close, but they have such different cultures, life-styles and customs that the visitor could never be bored, and within a stone's throw, can experience a surreal change in cultures.
Of course people speak Japanese on every island and the people who live there are Japanese, but it still feels like they are independent countries and not only you see very different scenery and views but also you can experience a multitude of cultural experiences on each island without taking much time to travel between them. That's why the islands of the Seto Inland Sea keeps attracting foreign tourists as well as Japanese people.
Anchorage Network Hisashi Matsumoto

Nakamura-so, a sea house, is located on Tanga-jima which floats in the Harima bay. This place is famous for fresh and delicious seafood with fish caught in fixed nets from spring through to fall. You can also find accommodation easily and experience fishery.
Anchorage Network Fukuzo Nakamura, Iejima (Tangajima)

'Marin Pier Musashi"is an attractive marina, located at the east of Oita-ken Kunisaki peninsula, facing the Iyo coast of the Seto Inland Sea with rich wilderness behind. This area is great as a cruising base for the western part of the Seto Inland Sea and also it boast great conditions and location as a fishing base for the Bungo Channel or off Tosa as well as Kunisaki Peninsula. In addition, since it's located next to the Oita airport, the infrastructure, both air and land, are well developed It's also great as a homeport for people who enjoy marine life on weekends.
Anchorage Network Marin Pier Musashi

The Seto Inland Sea is a natural amusement park. Please feel free to use and play in it in whatever way you like.
Anchorage Network Hiroshi Nishinaga, Shodoshima

My favorite ship sank in 2004 because of a typhoon. I've been hoping to moor my new ship at the Kiba Yacht Harbour and become a pilot to show people from overseas around this Seto Inland Sea and beautiful Japan somedayclike the lovely people in Barcelona when I visited there before many years ago.
Anchorage Network Kenta Ohara

"Konpira-san", known as the God of the Sea throughout Japan, has a lot of visitors who are connected with the sea every day. Climbing slowly the 785 stone steps will bring you to the entrance to the shrine. From early morning, prayers to the gods are held at the front of the shrine. Prayers are offered each morning and evening for peace for all the people in Japan.
At Konpira Shrine, we aspire to introduce the culture of Seto Inland to all the world through the Seto Inland Sea Anchorage Network. It's very important to pass down the culture which has flourished deeply throughout the Seto Inland Sea area. We wish for peace for all the people of this world.
Anchorage Network Konpira Shrine Itsuki Shinano

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