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1. Categories:

* General Information*
gives you practical information on transport, food and accommodation.

* Activities*
introduces the many activities you can enjoy in the SetoInland Sea Area and of course tell you where to go to enjoy them.

* Recommended spots and courses*
highlights cities with Shinkansen(bullet train) stations or other major railway stops.
Different places are presented within each area that are easy to reach from these "gates"to the Seto Inland Sea.

2. Abbreviations:
you will find the following abbreviations with links, e-mail and phone numbers:
Jap.: Information on homepage is in Japanese only. However, maps and pictures can still be useful and translation software might help.
Engl. mail ok: mails or Fax in English will be ok, but conversation over phone difficult.
Engl. ok: it is possible to phone in (basic) English.

3. Some basic Japanese for the Seto Inland Sea:
Once you leave the big cities and railway stations, information in English or signs in alphabet will be random, especially when you start using ferries and rental cycles. However, it is always possible to ask people for some advice, even if it just means pointing at maps, words and directions. Just allow for sufficient time to find your way!
Here are some basic terms that might be useful:
Note: most characters have at least two readings, depending on whether they are used independently or in combination.
In Japanese, the vowels o and u have a short and a long form. Usually, the long form is indicated as ou or uu, or with a line or accent on top. To avoid problems with fonts, we decided to use only simple o and u in this homepage.

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